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Black Faculty and Staff

The purpose of this directory is to foster greater communication between Black Students, Faculty & Staff. If you or someone you know would like to be included in this directory please contact the BSC Director.

Black Faculty & Staff Resources

Renni Bispham

Labor Relations Specialist

Labor Relations Department

Robin Boddie

Academic Advisor UW school of Business

William Bradford

School of Business

Patricia Butler

Academic Counselor, Office of Minority Affairs

Phyllis Byrdwell

Professor, Ethnomusicology

Roxanne Christian

Development Coordinator

Scholarships and Student Programs

Mona Pitre-Collins

Undergraduate Scholarship Office

Sibrina Collins Ph.D.

Director, Graduate School, GO MAP

Beverly Davis Ph.D.

Lecturer, School of Social Work

Christine Edgar

Director of Student Services

School of Public Health and Community Medicine

Jai-Anana Elliott

UW Business School

Clarence Dancer

Counseling Services Coordinator, MESA

Stephanie R. Gardner

Admissions Outreach Coordinator

Office of Minority Affairs

Frannie D. Gladney

Student Fiscal Services, Adviser

Roger Grant Ph.D.

TRIO program Director

Venne Gore

Housing and Food Services Associate Director

June Hairston

Academic Counselor, Office of Minority Affairs

Alexes Harris

Professor, Sociology

Marian Harris Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, School of Social Work

Deborah Terry-Hays

Auxiliary Faculty

School of Social Work

Zynovia Hetherington

Director CWAP, School of Social Work

Marla Hill

School of Business Administration

Phillip J. Hunt

Senior Adviser, Student Activities Office

Cathryne Jordan

COE- Diversity and Student Services

Micheal Kane

Dept. of Psych & amp; Behavioral Sciences

W.H. Knight, Dean

Professor of Law

Sheila Edwards Lange

Interim Vice President Minority Affairs/Vice Provost Diversity, Office of Minority Affairs

Myrtle Lamoudi

Office Support Supervisor

Bobbie Luckett

Office Assistant, Office of the Vice Provost for Student Life

Jovan McCoy

Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator

Office of Minority Affairs

Diane Martin

Associate Director, Center for Career Services

Belina E. Makonnen

Assistant Director, Executive MBA Program, Business School

Lyungai Mbilinyi

Project Director Men’s Domestic Abuse Check-Up

School of Social Work

James Meadows

Program Manager

Environmental Health Undergraduate Program

Stephanie Y. Miller

Director, Student Outreach & Community Relations, Admissions/ Minority Affairs

Namua Nkeze

Academic Counselor, Mary Gates Hall

Major O’Brien

Patient Care Coordinator

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Emile Pitre

Associate Vice President, Office of Minority Affairs

K David Prince

Mathematics, Science, & Information Technologies Coordinator, Minority Science and Engineering Program

Debbie Proctor

Administrator, Housing and Food Services, UW Catering

Angela A. Roberts

Administrative Specialist, Recreational Sports Programs

Juanita M. Ricks

Director of Admissions

School of Social Work

Lorenzo Romar

Head Coach Basketball. Intervarsity Athletics

Karlotta Rosebaugh

Health Sciences Minority Student Program

Millie L. Russell

Assistant to the Vice President, Minority Affairs

Mona Lisa Saloy Ph.D.

Professor, English

Carmen Sidbury

Assistant Dean, Diversity and Student Services

College of Engineering

Rene Singleton

Assistant Director, Student Activities Office

Brukab Sisay

Lecturer, AFRAM

Karl D. Smith

Assistant Director Outreach and Recruitment

Office of Minority Affairs

Olusegun O. Soge

Department of Pathobiology

Brooke A. Spearmon

Marketing Communication Manager

College of Education

Shaun A. Spearmon

Minority Business Development Specialist

Business School

Lois Price Spratlen Ph.D.

University Ombudsman and Ombudsman for Sexual Harassment

Edward Taylor

Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Office of Undergraduate Education

Associate Professor, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

Jennifer Trotter

Program Coordinator

University Complaint Investigation and Resolution Office (UCIRO)

Sheryl Tyson Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Psychosocial & Community Health

John C. Walter

Professor, American Ethnic Studies

Chesca Ward

Diversity Specialist

Human Resources

Teri Ward


UW IMSD Program

Alafiani Washington

Tutorial Coordinator, Intercollegiate Athletics

Baba Kofi A. Weusijana

Research Associate

College of Education

Dana LShoecraft Williams

Program Support Supervisor

Interpreter Services

Tyrone Willingham

Head Football Coach, Intervarsity Athletics

Stephen T. Wilson

Adjunct Faculty, School of Social Work

Clinical Asociate, School of Clinical Psychology

Steven Woodard Ph.D.

Director, Educational Identification Program

Associate Director McNair

Office of Minority Affairs

Maria Woods

Sr. Human Resources Consultant

Health Sciences Human Resources

George Zeno

Executive Director

Scholarships and Student Programs