Black Student Commission

February 2, 2017

Welcome to Evolve!

The month has finally arrived! Black History Month!! We are super stoked to be having Evolve again this year. We have so many things in store like Shaun King, Step Afrika, Tiffany Duru, movie nights and a community breakfast.

Evolve is a celebration month of Black EVERYTHING. This includes, but not limited to, Black history, Black people, Black excellence and Black twitter. Evolve is a celebration that brings warmth and cheerful spirits to campus, teaches one another about Black culture and overcoming adversity. This further shows the UW campus that Black students exist and are of value on this campus.

What does evolve mean to students on campus?

“Celebrating Black individuals that have altered life for Black communities. Also, it’s further educating society on what Blacks did to make America what it is today. Every day is Black history month.” -Ruhama Berta, Freshman at UW

“Great food!” -Natty Solomon, Sophomore at UW

“Process of coming into our own being and being fearless in our own culture and creativity.” -Pamela Lyons, Senior at UW

“Starting from one point and moving on forward.” -Phil Hunt, SAO Advisor

“A time and space where us Black students can come together and reflect upon our achievements and work together to continue our proud legacy. ” -Ephrem Yared, Sophomore at UW

“It is a time where Black people are appreciated for their contributions to the American society. Historically, society has caused Black people many trials and tribulations and it is nice to learn about Black people in a positive light. Black history month is America.” Meron Yared, Sophomore at UW

“Me, us, all of Black UW, we are making history.”  – Martha Girma, Junior at UW

My dearest Black peers, evolve is here, it is running, and it is live. Again, we are super excited to introduce to you Evolve for the second year. Stay tuned for melanin dripping all over this campus.

What does Evolve mean to you?


Welcome to Black History Month!